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RadCard® provides secure ‘plug and play’ access to your medical information anywhere in the world with a certified DICOM Viewer for multiple images and reports. RadCard® with RadCareTM seamlessly integrates into the nursing workflow, greatly improving the quality of care patients receive.
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RadCard® is ‘plug and play anywhere’ with onboard software and certified DICOM Viewer for multiple images and reports. The card has the potential to significantly reduce multiple medical tests by manitaining a complete up-to-date record of the patient’s medical data.
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RadCard® makes healthcare data available when it is needed, in a personally controlled and secure process. By utilising Touch and Read-USB solid state digital data storage approach combined with multiple levels of encryption security.

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uses existing cloud storage facilities that are HIPAA compliant and use a scalable doubly redundant data model. Several layers of encryption are available including patient-only access. All that is observable at our server is a segment of binary code, which can only be decoded by the customer password.

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